The Secret: Is it really a secret?

The Secret. Apparently it’s a runaway literary success. Also comes with a handy dandy dvd and cd as well. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you haven’t. This much I do know – Everyone is looking for success. Success in business, at work, in life, in relationships, athletics and school. Success. It drives everyone everyday.

As I was thinking about The Secret and deliberating if I should read it a real estate agent who happens to be my friend sent me a MSN message asking if I’ve read the book or watched the ‘movie’. I answered “no”. He suggested that I not waste my time. Why? He said that it’s the same thing as Think and Grow Rich, Master Key to Riches, See You At The Top and other Success Themed books. And because I have read these books he said to same my money – I should already know ‘the secret’.

My question to you is – “Do you know the secret?”

In my opinion the secret is self-discipline. Having the discipline to know what I want. the discipline to set up a game plan. And the discipline to get to work and work the plan. An entrepreneur friend of mine who happens to be a trained and certified accountant told me the secret is still work. Plan your work and work your plan he says.

Then why, after so many success books, does another one need to be written and promoted? I think it’s because so many want to succeed but don’t have the discipline to carry the instructions or game plan. Same as weight loss programs. No matter what it’s called if I want to lose weight, I know I need to eat less and exercise more. But we all want the shortcut. We want the secret.

What does this have to do with you and real estate? Well, if you are in the business you want to succeed, right? Then go out and do something!! What’s your goal? What’s your game plan? Work your plan! Everyday. That’s the secret. The question you must answer now is, is this your dream, your raison d’etre? And are you willing to make it happen?

Until next time.

Karim Kanji