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City Building with Richard Peddie

Last fall I had the pleasure to have former Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment boss Richard Peddie in studio for a brief chat about his career and leadership style. Next week, Peddie is returning to the studio. This time we’re going to focus on city-building. Specifically, Toronto.

In preparation for this episode, I’m sourcing questions you might have on how Toronto can work better for you and your community.

And Peddie has a question for you.

I have a question for your listeners   Would they support a property tax increase to support more day care, after school programs, keeping pools open, more shelter staff, and more. Each 1% would fund a lot of everyday things that would make the city more livable for thousands.

Would you support a property tax increase in Toronto to make this city even greater for everybody?

Leave your comments below or find me on Twitter: @karimkanji. Richard Peddie is @RichardAPeddie