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Evernote turns 5 years old!

I’m such a huge fan of the company Evernote. In fact, I use it almost daily. Furthermore, I insist that any device I use has Evernote capability. The company just turned 5 years old. Their goal: To be a 100 year old company. That’s an amazing goal. Here’s to you Evernote! Happy Birthday and good luck!


Happy Birthday ING DIRECT Toronto Cafe

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the ING DIRECT Toronto Cafe. I count myself as one of the few lucky friends/tenants who has been there since the first day.

Over  year ago ING DIRECT Canada’s Peter Aceto stood on the Cafe’s makeshift stage welcoming everybody to the Cafe. A year later I witnessed Melissa lead her team in a fun Happy Birthday dance!

In between these two events I have had the privilege of helping to move our thirdocean team to what today we affectionately call home.  This downtown space has helped our team grow and mature. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with our friends at @OrangeYYZ and #NetworkOrange.

Happy Birthday friends!