Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today

For those of you in North America who have been living under a rock this summer, Yankee Stadium has hosted it’s last baseball game. If you’re keeping score, the Bronx Bombers beat the Baltimore Orioles.

Yankee Stadium has not only been the site of many World Series championships. It has also hosted concerts, political rallys as well as the Pope!

However, it will probably be best remembered as The House that Ruth Built. Babe Ruth was arguably the best baseball player who ever rounded the bases.

Many bloggers and media types have already highlighted the many events that have taken place at The Cathedral. So, I won’t even attempt to do that here.

What I bring to you are pictures of a trip I took this past summer with my brother and sister to Yankee Stadium to watch our beloved Toronto Blue Jays beat up on those pesky Yankees.

I hope you enjoy!

The Cathedral – I

The Cathedral – II

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