Social Media – Superhero? (updated 6/1/2009)

Here’s our team picture from yesterday’s events courtesy of

My brother is Mr.Facebook on the right. Was part of a team of... on Twitpic
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I have had the great opportunity to participate with numerous fund-raising events this past year. TwestivalTO, GREENtuity, GetInLine and now the World Partnership Walk with the A Social Movement Team.

The one thing they all have in common – besides helping to raise funds for worthy charities – is their use of online social media tools to raise awareness, a following and funds.

I could go into a discussion about the relevant merits of these tools. Do they work? Does joining an online cause really translate to much needed awareness, co-operation and funds? Why do they work/not work?

The one thing they absolutely do is engage more people that were never involved before. There is a generation of people who love to engage in social causes that used to be marginalized. No matter the reason they were. Today, however, more charities and other causes are embracing the “wired generation”. So much so that these same techie folks are now leading the way.

The more people we have helping out the more people that end of being helped. And that’s a good thing!

So, I am inviting all of you to this Sunday’s World Partnership Walk in Toronto (If you live in another city please click HERE.). Look out for this year’s Super Hero’s and thousand of other Torontonians as they walk towards smart solutions to solve global poverty.

Are you walking?