six pixels of separation: book review

I could not have picked a better book to read on my travels to East Africa than Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation

Although it was published in 2009 (which probably means it was written much earlier) there is still a ton of great points and nuggets that are applicable even today.  Here is who I would recommend this book to: EVERYONE.

That’s right everyone.  Why?  Because the web is now social and as the subtitle of the book says, Everyone is connected, connect your business to everyone.  Business owners, marketing professionals, students, employees and even self-employed individuals can benefit from reading Mitch Joel’s bestseller.

Here are some points that I jotted down in my notebook as I read this book in Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar, Nairobi, Arusha, and Kampala:

  • consumers will market our product if we let them review our product (even if it’s a negative review)
  • you can’t have a strong business without a strong community
  • being connected is not the same as being engaged
  • consumers are always willing to pay a premium online if what they are getting has added value
  • the point of mobile marketing is…Sorry, you have to read the book like I did to finish this sentence

As you read this book you will understand that being involved, engaged and relevant online can and will enable you (your company, your business, business partners) to be not only a trusted online source but also a profitable one.

Here’s one reason why I’m so excited to have read this book at this moment in time:  At no other time in history have people been able to more easily start their own business.  The internet and the social tools that seem to be dominating the conversation have helped many people make the leap to business ownership.

And this is a leap I’m looking forward to making as well as helping other’s make.

Have you read Mitch Joel’s book?  Do you read his blog or listen to his podcast?  If not, I highly recommend you do.  If you do, I’d love to hear your opinion on his work and content.