my top seven #followfriday

Old and new Diet Coke cans.
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In what may turn out to be a regular weekly installment, here are my top seven recommendations for people to follow on Twitter. In no particular order I present to you…

  1. @TantienHime – no other person RT’s me more than her. No other person supports everything that is Toronto more than her.
  2. @mhp – many people know that I don’t indulge in wobbly pops.  Mark knows that.  It doesn’t stop Mark, though, from buying me a Diet Coke every time he sees me.  And if I don’t say it enough: Thank You Mark.
  3. @salimavalji – Salima is one of the early pioneers of Toronto’s digital industry  as the former head of Edelman‘s digital division. And I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with her at Canada 3.0 this week. (Thanks for the ride!)
  4. @vasta – I once asked him, “How do I use Twitter?” He answered, “Just get on it and register.” Hey Sameer, I’ve registered. Now what?
  5. @amirad – Community Manager for My City Lives is also a popular writer now. She was featured this past week in Metro. Congrats Amira!
  6. @ceben – Thanks for taking the lead in Toronto’s StartUp Weekend Chris.
  7. @Ldillonschalk – For inviting me for a Monday morning coffee and helping me start the week off right. Thanks so much for everything.
Start following these folks on Twitter. Your life will be much brighter!