make money blogging

Yes you can!

Make money blogging.  It’s a question my friend, Joallore Alon recently asked on Twitter.  The bigger question is not “Can someone make money blogging?”  It’s “Can someone make money in a business where blogging is a part of a bigger marketing strategy?” 

The answer to that question is yes.

(It is also important to acknowledge that there are some people and companies that make money where the actual product is a blog.)

Writing a blog gives your community a place to read your thoughts and ideas.  It gives you a place to show your community that you are the expert in your industry. Translating these posts into conversation then gives your community the chance to use your product and order your service.

Blogging can also play an important part in your website’s overall search marketing strategy.

This is how people and brands can make money blogging.

It is, however, important to remember this: Just like all marketing strategies blogging (and other forms of social media marketing initiatives) takes time and effort.  Creating a community does not happen overnight.

Do you make money blogging?