I’m in Love

With Canada.

I mean, there are many reasons to love this vast country.

The Rocky Mountains on the west coast. The endless terrain of tundra and arctic desert. The flatlands of the Prairies. The cosmopolitan cities of Upper and Lower Canada. The rugged and raw Maritime provinces.

Blue Jays baseball! Junior hockey during the Christmas/New Year holidays. The Calgary Stampede. The Canadian National Exhibition. The Ottawa-Hull border.

The red and white Maple Leaf. Tolerance. Plurality.

Yet, today, the best thing I can think of off the top of my head is that we still live in a country that can be peaceful even when we agree to disagree. Canada is at a political crossroads. Take a look at any Canadian newspaper and you will read reports and stories of a “coalition” between the opposition parties trying to topple the current government.

(I’m not interested in which “party” is better or which one I like the most.)

I’m very interested in that there are no armies or special armed forces involved. There are just talks and discussions among political adversaries.

And I love it! Do you?

(photo courtesy of www.canadiannorthern.ca)