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Sock Series #1: Hitsu Socks

I love socks. I love warm socks in the winter. Especially while camping in winter with Scouts. I love thick socks that provide stability when hiking in the woods, forests and ravines in Ontario. I also love socks with attitude. Socks that say, “Hey! Look at me! I don’t care that I’m not understated and conservative. I’m a sock that has something to say and I’m going to say it.”

Which is why, I’m creating a series here to highlight the companies that bring to sock lovers worldwide that small bit of attitude just above the shoe and below the pant cuff.

Hitsu Socks is a Toronto-based company co-founded by my friend Dan Demsky.  I own a pair of Hitsu Socks called Galaktic Dude designed by Chris Dyer from Montreal. The design is so eclectic and the colours are bold. Just as I like them. My favourite thing about these socks is that they are not wimpy. They are thick enough to withstand my rough heels and strong toes.

According to the Hitsu Socks website:

Hitsu socks are designed by street-artists and each sock has a story to tell. We work with artists who have done something we feel is worth sharing and we work with them to bring their style to a brand new medium – combed cotton. Our collection includes designs by well-known artists such as Anser, Poser, Chris Dyer, Jimmy Chiale and SKAM.