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This past summer I wrote a blog post on RealCashCanada.com about Facebook Places from a real estate perspective.  It might be a little dated but the information it contains is still valuable for real estate agents.

Facebook Places has arrived.  What is Facebook Places?  Well, many of you probably have heard of YelpGowalla and/or Foursquare.

These are what are known as location-based social networking apps.

You may have heard about these types of apps.  However, most Canadian real estate agents don’t seem to be using them.  However, almost all real estate agents have heard of Facebook and almost all of them (you) actively use Facebook.  Which is why you’ll come to know and learn about Facebook Places.

And I suggest learning about it ASAP.  It is true that Places has yet to arrive in Canada (although it is available in the U.S.) but the time to learn about the marketing and business implications of Places is now.  Why?  Because most Canadian real estate professionals won’t bother learning about Places until it arrives in Canada.  Get a leg up on the competition now.


Here are some things to consider on how to use Places:

  • Open House announcements.  Tell your network of friends, co-workers, associates, clients and prospects about the properties you are selling.
  • Listings.  Many real estate agents have put links to their listings on Facebook.  Now you’ll be able to let all your Facebook friends – via Places – about the homes you are selling.
  • Tagging prospects/clients.  Do you know the type of property your client is seeking?  Put it on Places and tag your friend/client so that they can take a look at it.
  • Tagging other agents.  Let other agents know about your inventory by tagging them.

These are just some preliminary tips and suggestions.

Another thing I would highly recommend is getting on Foursquare (or another location-based app) and learning how to use it and figuring out some business applications.  That way, when Places comes to Canada you’ll be ready to learn and adapt it to your marketing plan.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use Facebook Places or Foursquare for marketing your real estate business?



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