Earth Hour

So Earth Hour is being “celebrated” on Saturday night. Between 8pm – 9pm, in select cities across the world, we’ll turn off the lights.

I plan to go downtown. May take some before and after pictures. I will probably have a good time. But will all this really make a difference? Seriously? Will turning the lights out for one hour make a difference? Who will listen? Who will make change? If you’re looking, look in the mirror.

In related news, I watched the movie Syriana last night. It’s based in reality form a book called “See No Evil

Lots of questions came up from this movie. One of them was, “Why?”

Why should we curb our enthusiasm for oil?

Global warming? Because it’s running out? It’s too expensive? Carbon just is not good to breathe? American Oil industry perpetuates the colonialization of third world states?

These are meant to be questions for you to discuss and answer yourself. The answers should not depend on your political persuasion or your religious affiliation. I always think of Sting’s song “Russians” during times like these.

They should just be based on WHY.

Karim Kanji