Dx3 Canada – Canada’s Digital Trade Show

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of meeting one of the team members of Canada’s newest trade show: Dx3 Canada.  What got me really excited is that Dx3 Canada is focusing on Canada’s digital industry – which is the space that I work in as a founder and partner of thirdocean.  After finding out more information about Dx3 Canada and being personally invited, I promised to help promote them.

Dx3 Canada takes place at Toronto’s Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Building) on January 25 and 26.  (There’s still a few tickets left with some amazing speakers and sessions.)

Some of you may be really interested in going but maybe the $199 ticket price is too much for you.  No problem.  You can still attend and visit the Expo Floor for FREE! (Yeah, that’s my favourite 4-letter word also.)

Companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Visa, American Express will be there.  As will local favourites such as BNOTIONS.

In fact, here’s a link to all the FREE stuff that you can consume at this month’s ONLY Canadian conference dedicated to the digital life: http://www.dx3canada.com/Content/FEATURES-INFO/17/.

If you’re there, hit me up at @karimkanji and let’s hook up!