Dean Blundell in Toronto

Dean Blundell: The new sports radio morning show in Toronto

Dean Blundell hosted the first episode of his new morning show on Sportsnet radio The Fan 590 in Toronto today. Most mornings the bedroom radio is tuned in to The Fan590 while the living room radio is on Metro Morning with Matt Galloway.

Blundell sounded fine. His interview with Toronto Mayor John Tory was good and even humourous.

I never did listen to Blundell while he was on The Edge although I was aware of his shtick. However, after passively listening to him this morning I have come to the conclusion that Blundell deserves a chance. To either make it or fail. We shouldn’t judge his capabilities on what he used to do. Only what he will do moving forward.

I thought Dean Blundell did fine. What did you think?