Recently, many of you have heard about the literary phenomenon called “The Secret”. It’s a book and a movie about the concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply states that what I think concentrate on with faith mixed with emotion and topped off with a little hard work will come to pass.

The concept is not difficult to understand. In fact, I came across this and many other success principles while reading a book called “Think & Grow Rich” which was written by Napoleon Hill in the middle of the last century.

Why am I telling you about books in this posting on INSPIRation? I wholeheartedly believe that inspiration and even motivation must be internal moreso than external. And reading such books can help us all figure out the tools we need to embrace so that we can live a life of inspiration!

I am just finishing reading “Think & Grow Rich.” When I’m done, I’ll leave a little report here on what I’ve learned.

Until next time.