Black vs Africentric

Well, well, well.

We’ve certainly put Toronto on the map sort of speak with this one.

For those of you who don’t follow this sort of stuff, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) as announced plans to introduce an Africentric school to Toronto in about 18 months. If this is news to you please take a moment to read up on this at the follwoing link: HERE.

Is this about race relations or is it about truly helping black kids stay and succeed in school.

Well, ponder this for a moment. I thought that this school would be a “for blacks only” school. It would make sense (not that I agree) right? Blacks were the focus of this study. But, inside the report, it clearly states that this Afro-school would not be only for blacks. Anyone could attend. The focus would just be on….Afro’s, I guess.

You think this is a waste of time and money? I sure do.

I mean, if the TDSB really wants to help blacks succeed in school, what does an Afrocentric seperate school have to do with this? Really, where is the link? How does a black school help blacks succeed?

In my opinion, it doesn’t. Where’s the motivation for these kids?

How many black kids were asked about school and success? I’m willing to bet none. You want to know why? It’s because there was no Afrocentric TDSB for them to report to.

Seriously. None were asked. Their parents were probably asked. And how many black youths (any colour youths for that matter) are talking to their parents today and telling them, “I would succeed mom and dad if ONLY I was in an Afrocentric school.”

Shame on you TDSB staff. You took the easy way out of a problem that is not easy to solve. Get back to work and don’t come back till you have a real solution to a real problem.

Karim Kanji