Baseball & ‘Roids – Who Cares…

Just when we thought the steroid debate in baseball was over….

I was listening to the radio sometime last week soon after it was reported that Ed Sprague (former World Series hero for you Toronto Blue Jays fans) admitted to steroid use during his major league days.

Why he came out of the steroid closet is beyond me. Maybe he wanted to clear his conscience.

So, here’s the argument. Who cares about professional athletes using performance enhancing drugs? Did you care that Sylvester Stallone used steroids in his latest Rambo film? Do you care that Olympic swimmers will now use new performance enhancing swim suits?

Maybe you do maybe you don’t. The argument is that we should just enjoy the entertainment and stop being moral judges. Who gives a rip? Don’t we want to see home runs and amazing feats of strength and speed?

Yes we do. I do. And so do you. Admit it.


Maybe there are consumers of sports-entertainment (and not just professional rasslin‘) that enjoy the pursuit of sports. I sure do. And I enjoy it with my son.

Kahzmir will one day ask me what it takes to become the best. You know the cliche. Do your best. Eat right. Pay the price. Sacrifice. Does “take steroids and cheat” now enter into the advice column?

Well, Kahzmir, Barry Bonds and Ben Johnson became the best by taking horse pills and lathering themselves with “the clear”. No. I don’t want to give this advice. And I won’t. Never. Ever.

Performance enhancing drugs like HGH and steroids are illegal in society which translates to sports and entertainment. No doubt. To allow athletes to use this in order to satisfy our never-ending thirst for entertainment in pathetic.

I will go to Yankee Stadium and enjoy the Jays as they whip the Yankees’ pinstripes. I will enjoy the game. But I will never condone illegal drug use.

Who cares? I do. And maybe you do too.

Karim Kanji