Are you ready for the weekend?

So? Are you ready? I am! I am going to barbeque at least twice this weekend! I’m going to enjoy the amazing weather and even spend time with my 14 month old!

What are you going to do? I know many real estate agents take this time to meet with potential clients and do open houses. Many others take the weekend off to spend quality time doing recreational stuff and spend time with family. Whatever you choose to do, ENJOY LIFE!

And with that I bring to you some real estate news and views from my second floor palatial office…..

Ever wonder what the Toronto Sun has to offer in terms of real estate insight. Doubtful? Me too. Until I received a note from my service that originated from the Toronto Sun! Go figure! So, get this – with real estate booming and financing deals even more affordable then ever, why would anybody choose to rent (based on affordability) ? Well, lots of people! But the problem is that with vacancy rates at all time highs, rental housing units are still very expensive! My thoughts is that greed has taken over. Why rent a place that you;ve purchased with your blood, sweat and financial tears if you can’t make any money? Anyways, HERE’S their report.

I know this has nothing to do with real estate but I did find it on a real estate blog. From North Carolina. What’s wrong with people?!?!?

Well, that’s all for now!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Karim Kanji