Another Hockey Team for Canada.

Yes! I may finally get an NHL team worth cheering for. Because I live in Toronto, my natural team is the Leafs. However, I am too young to remember the last time they were in contention for the Cup and too old to ever beleive they will ever get the chance. I can’t cheer for Ottawa because….well, I just can’t.

But, Tuesday’s news that Jim Balsille – of RIM fame – had basically purchased the Nashville Predators franchise has put a smile on my face. And I’m sure millions of Canadians fans faces as well. I know the deal is not a slam dunk but in my books it’s money in the bank. The team will move to the Waterloo area and will be re-named the Berlin Blackberries!

And so, I can now have my own team to cheer for…Waterloo is only a couple hours drive west of my home!

Now, where is the real estate story in all this? Well, apparantly it is being reported that a holding company related to RIM has purchased a big parcel of land! To read up on this click HERE.

What are your thoughts?

Karim Kanji