Anemometer and Digital Democracy

Don’t know what an anemometer is? That’s not the important thing. Okay. Go and google it.

The important thing is that today I just witnessed democracy in action via Twitter.

The players:

Michal Hay and John Laforet.

The issue:

Whether we should investigate having wind turbines in Lake Ontario 2 miles off the Scarborough Bluffs.

The link to the conversation between the two is below:

Sometimes I feel that the techno elites are the only one’s making headway in business, public policy, and social change. However, following the conversation today on Twitter and actually engaging with the both of them has given me a glimer of hope. If we want to make changes, a difference, an impact or even a suggestion, the advent and use of technology tools like Twitter and Facebook are levelling the playing field.

Want to participate in your democracy? Jump in.