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Welcome! Episode 1: Karim Awad

Don’t call it a comeback. Ok. You can call it a comeback. Back in 2010 I started a podcast called SMS on Perpetual Radio Networks. The show was mostly about social media and featured guests such as Mitch Joel and Dave Fleet.

Earlier this year I came to an agreement with Girth Radio to launch a new show on their burgeoning radio station. I’m calling the show Welcome!

Welcome! is going to be a show featuring many of Toronto’s (and anyone who visits Toronto) innovative and creative people. Expect to hear conversations with digital strategists, musicians, entrepreneurs, city builders, artists and many more.

As I re-learn my hosting and interviewing skills and learn new production skills I am inviting a number of my friends on the program. My first guest was Karim Awad.

Karim is an entrepreneur, designer, teacher, artist and award winning deejay. He’s up to some amazing things. Some he was able to reveal on the show. Others you’ll have to watch out for.

Here’s a link to the first episode of Welcome! I hope you listen and enjoy. And return for more.


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You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS Feed if you’re so inclined.

#FollowFriday: Karim Awad of big time design and communications

Karim Awad is the founder and principal of Toronto-based creative agency big time design and communications. I have had the pleasure of knowing Karim since 2009 when he and I met for him to demo his (at the time) new product called Radar. His vision for a communications system that focused on consumer relevancy was clear. It is still a problem he continues to solve with products such as Qlouds, Pro.ps and others (I’m under a friend-NDA – but it will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT!)

Besides making the web a better place, Karim can be found playing soccer, supporting the Toronto FC and being taunted by teenagers playing Ultimate.

Here is a conversation I had with him in 2011. Yes, it was a while ago. I hope you enjoy.