#LexusInstaFilm: Verdict? #Fail

At first glance #LexusInstaFilm looks cool. Especially the combination of Instagram and Lexus. However, when I watched the commercial and the quick “making of” I was thoroughly disappointed.

What I thought I was going to experience was a crowd sourced commercial from Instagram via a pre-determined hashtag. Instead, what we have is a slick-produced commercial using individual’s smartphones and Instagram accounts. There is absolutely nothing unique about this. Instead of using 2 cameras to film a┬ácommercial, Team One (the agency behind this “idea”) got 200 social media happy users to bring their smartphones to the shoot.

What could have been a really cool concept turned out to be a lazy attempt at being cool. #LexusInstaFilm? More like #LexusInstaFail

What do you think?


  • I would have loved to be part of this. I don’t think it’s lazy at all. Creative and collaborative way to create advertising. They gave a unique experience to 212 people. It would have been a really fun day. Kudos to Lexus.