Jerry Seinfeld at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Last night Jerry Seinfeld made his “millionth” stop in Toronto on his seemingly endless tour. As many of you know, Seinfeld has refused to stop touring even after the uber success of his TV show in the 90’s. He obviously doesn’t need the money. But like he said at the beginning of his act he had “nothing to do” when he got the call to come up to Toronto. He even pronounces the city┬álike a long time resident, dropping the final “t” in Toronto.

sony centre for the performing arts

I’ve had the privilege of seeing dozens of shows in comedy clubs. However, this was my first time seeing a polished act in such a huge venue. Two observations: First, big arena style shows are very polished. It’s harder for the act to banter with the crowd. And Seinfeld, in his early sixties now, doesn’t need to do so to put on a show. And the raw feeling I get in a club is so different, but still satisfying.

Second, unless you’re sitting in the first few rows, the intimacy I enjoy in clubs with the acts is gone. We were sitting in the balcony where it was impossible to see the various facial features that I have come to enjoy in comedy clubs. Even his “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” seemed more intimate.

jerry seinfeld | karim kanji

If you haven’t seen one of the legends of comedy make sure you take the time (and money) to do so. You will not be disappointed.

sony centre for the performing arts