The Housing Market – a Canadian Analysis

Okay. so this really insn’t an analysis. In fact, I was never even good at math in high school. So you will not get any “super crunching” from me.

However, I will try to shed some light on this HOT topic by introducing you to many experts and articles. Some will say things are HOT. Many will say, the sky is falling. What is the truth? Probably somewhere in the middle. But that is for you to decide. Today, I am just a messenger.

So, here we go….

Remember Garth Turner? I used to quote him alot in these part here. Well, not only has he written a new book, but he is also back on the “sky is falling in real estate” tour. Seriously though, he is a very interesting read. and alot of his stuff makes sense. Just remember this: he is a self-made financial success story.

Here’s Garth on VRMs, in the Ottawa Citizen (read this one. Very insightful!), and finally a post he borrows from

Gath-ed out? Me too. Let’s continue, shall we?

Are you living in Toronto? Is the market cooling or still burning hot? John Pasalis of Prudential gives his take on the matter. Seems likes he’s sitting on the fence. Pick a side John. It hurts too much.

How about Alberta? Many folks are already saying that Alberta is in bust mode. However, this investor likes to think thinks are going smooth in “Canada’s Powerhouse.”

High Carb Condos. It’s a great piece from Garth. I couldn’t help myself! Then Globe & Mail reports on a study that states that condo sales will SLOW in 2008.

This one comes from Florida, but is still applicable here in Canada. Boomers are starting to DOWNsize.

Sometimes I just get confused about all the talk. Boom or bust? Who do we believe? Housing experts are split and confused. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Benjamin Tal claims that Canada will dodge the US credit problems in the housing market. He works for CIBC, by the way. Maybe you got your mortgage from them? Seriously, Ben’s a nice guy.

Cute article from Globe & Mail.