Happy 2008!

Below is a post I wrote on the www.REMonline.com website:

Happy 2008!

Dear REMonline Readers,

Happy New Year!

Well, I hope that everyone had a fantastic 2007 and a wonderful and fun time ringing in 2008. I can still remember 1999-2000. Yes, my alarm clock and microwave ovens still work. Although my wife will swear that the alarm clock might as well not work. Yes, I’m a heavy sleeper!

But I digress. Over the past number of months REM has put together this fantastic website. I consider it a tool for my business. And I want to personally thank them. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dennis, Heino and Jim. I’ve also met a number of the columnists. Great people!

Over the same time there have been some great discussions here. And as many of you know, there have been some less than inspiring conversations here as well. And I guess that’s the beauty of living in Canada: We can say what we want. We can even work in jobs and professions that we either love or hate. We can choose to love or destroy. You get my drift. Just read the papers today. People all over the world are killing each other over the position they pray in as well as their positions in politics. So, I’m excited to be Canadian. Excited to take advantage of this amazing forum where we can share constructive ideas and opinions. Excited that I can read insightful articles from the likes of Stan Albert and Bob Aaron. Excited to hear what Tom and others have to say and ask. Excited to read how you passionately defend your business and industry.

So, what’s in store for 2008? I’m sure alot of us are interested in what everyone has to say. With the “power” of blogging and these discussion groups, your voice is able to be heard around the world. Is Canada immune to the U.S. problems? Will the Canadian market continue to grow? What about local areas like Victoria, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax? Is there an affordability crisis in Canadian housing? These and many other questions are waiting to be answered. Here on REMonline.


Karim Kanji