A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

And so are a lot of other things. However, this is not the time nor place…

Recently, Farhan Lalji (Who is he? Check him out HERE where he will undoubtedly attempt to answer this question.) tagged me in a post he wrote. He is “participating” in a meme started by Andy Gibson at Mindapples.org.

So, the question asked is, “what are 5 things I do to keep me mentally well.”

Great question!

And so, in no particular order I present to the already crowded world of blogs….

MY 5!

Blog. Yes, Writing these little pieces of journalism keeps me informed about what I really think. Why? Because I understand that my comments here are etched in stone. I wouldn’t want to type something down that I may regret later on. Same goes for micro-blogging!

Read. Mostly I read non-fiction books. However, I love to peruse many blog to see what people around the world are thinking and talking about. I feel it keeps me mentally aware and sharp.

Community. It has been repeatedly stated that you can tell a lot about a person based on their friends. Well, I have many friends. However, I have chosen to spend my time with the following types of people (not including family!) : those who mentally stretch me; people I have things in common with such as ideas, dreams, and goals; and, people whom I want to learn from.

Conferences and Seminars. Whether it is a university speaker series, a real estate conference, or a business meeting, I find I always learn at such events.

Volunteer. The chance to learn about new people, make friends, and make a difference.

So there’s my-5-to-stay-alive.

I wonder what the following 5 people do to stay sharp:
Aneez “The Genius”, Jason Menard, Malcolm Gladwell (hey, why not?), Tim Sanders, and Chris Brogan.

(picture courtesy of http://www.joeydevilla.com/)