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Welcome! is now out of beta

After more than 30 episodes my podcast, Welcome!, is now out of beta. What does this mean?

Well, before today, the only way to listen to my conversations with some really cool people was through the Girth Radio website, MixCloud or here. As of today, you can now listen to Welcome! on any computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world on your favourite app.

Yes, besides the places mentioned above, Welcome! is also available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher and TuneIn. You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS Feed if you’re so inclined.

You might be asking yourselves, what do I do now? Great question! If you haven’t done so, download one of the above apps to your smartphone (or computer). Then go to my show (links are provided above) and subscribe/start listening.

I welcome (see what I did there?) all feedback. In fact, it would be amazing if you could comment and leave a rating (the more starts the merrier!) on the app you use to listen to me. You can also comment below.

Coming soon: A professionally designed logo!