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Sometimes when you’re looking for something and can’t find it you have to create the very thing that you want. I recently asked if there was a list of community managers in Toronto.

I asked this after coming across three pieces of information:

  1. Last week I asked on Twitter who would be considered Toronto’s (the city I presently live in) community manager and was surprised that there were only a few people mentioned.
  2. Over the weekend I read a section in Amber Mac’s book Power Friending (not an affiliate link!) on how to be a community manager.
  3. Jeremiah Owyang defines a community manager as a person within a company, or someone who works for a brand, who works within these 4 (at least) pillars:
  1. community advocacy
  2. brand ambassadorship
  3. online communication
  4. customer service and improvement

So, here is a list of community managers in the Toronto area (not including myself):

  1. Erin Bury
  2. Sheldon Levine
  3. Melissa Smich
  4. Stuart Thursby
  5. Nafi Dhanani
  6. Robb M.
  7. Eric Floresca
  8. Crystal Gibson
  9. Dennis Logan
  10. The Creative Type
  11. Noorin Ladhani
  12. Katharine Foster
  13. Andrew F. Stewart
  14. Mary Pretotto
  15. Naomi Elise
  16. Julie Tyios
  17. Meghan Warby
  18. Gary Hilson
  19. Trina Boos
  20. Melissa Feeney
  21. Parth Shukla
  22. Lindsey McInerney
  23. Hardeep Gosal
  24. Colin Smillie
  25. Jared Golberg
  26. Aerin Guy
  27. Soniya Monga

Obviously, this is an incomplete list.ย  However, I hope that it is of use to you.ย  If you think anyone should be included, or even excluded from this list, please feel free to comment below.

Update (9/9/10):

  1. Michael Nus
  2. Sameer Vasta
  3. @kathduffy
  4. Dave Duncan
  5. Mike Mahoney
  6. @alexukie
  7. Carolyn Van
  8. Gloria Chic
  9. @feartheweekend
  10. @hambfeck
  11. Jonathan Sinden

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  1. Karim,

    I think the small number of people on this list might be indicative of the job title “community manager” and how various people play the role of community manager without having that title.

    I, for example, do a whole lot of community management online โ€” whether it be the academic and NGO stakeholder community in my work with the Bank, or the internal employee community in my work at the OPS โ€” but the community management function serves to inform my ideas on strategy and policy. I’m thus labeled as a strategist or policy analyst and not a community manager, even though a large (and important part!) of my work is in managing and learning from a targeted community.

    I’m sure there are quite a few people out there that would fit a similar bill, so the list could (potentially) be much longer.

    1. I think any discussion on community would be incomplete without mentioning Elmer Sotto. Helping build eBay Canada in the early days and now with Facebook Canada, he is definitely a leader in the field and somebody’s whose opinion I highly value.

      1. Ben,

        I heard Elmer speak last night at the Future of Media event in Toronto. I look forward to adding him to the list. Thanks for mentioning him to me.

        I’m hoping more suggestions come in for other people in this space.

  2. Hi Karim, great post!

    I’m looking some infos about about community and social media jobs in Toronto and your article showed up on Google.

    I’m a community manager/social media specialist from Italy and I’m going to stay in Toronto from March 2011 with a 6-months Working-Holiday Visa (but I hope to stay longer ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    Have you got any advice on where to look for a job? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot and have a nice day,

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