Thoughts and news from real estate

Some thoughts before I bring you some interesting bits of real estate news from around Canada and the World…

Stop me if you’ve heard this already. Actually, you can’t stop me. you can only stop reading. Anyways, the stock market is chugging along, the housing market seems to be moving upwards with no end in sight, and many people are saying that interest rates are going to come down even more. Do you see a problem here? Everything seems to be doing great! Now, I’m the last person to be a doomsday soothsayer, however, something doesn’t seem right here. Should there be a balance in the marketplace? Is the recent news of BMO layoffs the beginning of something bigger? Stay tuned. In the meantime, continue to take advantage of these trends. Change is good! Remember this.

Now on to the news….

As many of you know, has a News Section. Please visit it for Real Estate News from Globe & Mail and RIS Media.

A Canadian Gold Medal Renovation.

TTC and Land Development – “May I have a Transfer, please?”

Varsity Stadium grows up to become Varsity Centre.

Hey Realtors! Check out FACEBOOK. It could be a great Prospecting tool for you.

Petro-Dollars make 5,0000 Calgarians owners of $1M homes.

Opps! ReMax did it again!

Congratulations to Elli Davis – Top Royal LePage real estate salesperson in T.O.

11.1% increase in 2006 in the re-sale market. – Can you guess what this website is all about? That’s right! It’s a prospecting site 🙂

Cost of Housing too much to bear for 25% of Canadian households.

Montreal and Vancouver prices and demand goes up while U.S. new home sales plunge.