The Role of Commission Advances

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As we finish the first month of this new year and start a second month, many successful real estate professionals re-visit their quarterly and annual goals. Many of you will even be taking courses to help you generate more business, more profits and more free time! I met a number of people like you this past week at a training workshop on Lead Generation. What was I doing there? All of our business are about generating leads. Whether in the real estate business, the commission advance industry or even traditional businesses – we all need to generate leads. So, I was there to help grow my business by meeting prospective new clients and to learn how RealCash can generate more leads.

Rick, the class instructor, comes from the States with a wealth of background and success. I had an opportunity to speak with him and pick his brain on the issue of commission advances and real estate in Canada and the U.S. What many of you already know (or don’t know) is that the “tool” of commission advances for real estate professionals is very popular in the United States. And I wanted to find out why. Is it a cultural difference? Are American Realtors smarter than their Canadian cousins (or vice versa)? Why is it that American Realtors and Brokers understand the powerful and positive role that commission advances play in their business? Why do Realtors at every income bracket use commission advances? Here was the answer i received: Because the concept of commission advances is understood down south. That’s all? That’s all!

So, my duty this year is too educate you on the benefits of commission advances and it’s role in the business model of the Canadian real estate professional. I hope to also receive any feedback and suggestions from you on how we can better serve our clients and potential customers. Keep an eye on your inbox every month this year on informative articles. If you wish to opt out of my emails please reply back and let me know.

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