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Jade Hassouné

This Lebanese-Canadian artist has been acting since the age of 10.

He trained at George Brown’s cartooning program and is also an alumnus of the Actor’s Conservatory.

In 2016 he was chosen as a cast member of the award-winning and fav favourite NETFLIX show, SHADOWHUNTERS.

He has also starred and co-produced the award-winning online show, That’s My DJ.

His latest project is an EP, Love Letter To A Fandom.

Please welcome to the show, Jade Hassouné!

This is Episode #168 of the Welcome! podcast.

Listen here: 

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Episode #92: Arujan Ravindran

Arujan is my first co-worker to have his own IMDB page. He’s a media professional, rapper, actor, producer, director and entrepreneur.

Recorded live at Girth Radio.
Music by Afraaz Mulji and Arkells.

Listen below:

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Youtube (Music Videos) : http://youtube.com/arujan

Darcy And Day Instagram: https://instagram.com/sleepwithdarcy
Sleep With Darcy (Pillows): https://sleepwithdarcy.com
Jan Sebas (Clothing) : http://JanSebas.com
Cake Skateboards (Art): http://CakeSkateboards.com

Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, is in 2014 YouTube Rewind review

My niece, Iman, turned me on to this Greater Toronto Area YouTuber named Superwoman this past summer. Her videos, filmed in her parent’s home (like a true Indian child), depict a typical immigrant child dealing with her immigrant parents.

I also bumped into Lilly Singh during the opening night of Dr. Cabbie. Well, I didn’t really bump in her. Here. Take a look:

Watched @drcabbie during Opening Weekend last week and enjoyed it. Oh yeah, @iisuperwomanii joined us too. #movies

A photo posted by Karim Kanji (@karimkanji) on

Anyways, @iisuperwomanii is from Scarborough. And so am I. So maybe I’ll be a YouTube star one day. Or star in a big movie production…

Lilly Singh can be seen in this YouTube 2014 Year in Review. Congrats Lilly. All of Scarborough is proud of you. Including me.

Social Media Marketing – George Brown College

social media marketing
social media marketing

This past winter I had the privilege to teach my first ever course at George Brown: Twitter Marketing. Well, it seems my students liked me enough that the powers that be at George Brown College have agreed to have me teach the Social Media Marketing courseWe’ll go through some social media history, take an in depth look at the popular tools of the day, and empower students to be able to create a social media strategy.

There’s still some space if you’re interested in registering. Classes start soon!


(VIDEO) Neil Young: on music, social revolution and social media

On December 14th of last year Neil Young (my favourite music artist by the way) was invited to speak at a Salesforce conference in Japan.  During this short appearance, Neil talked about the power of social media and its ability to inspire change.  He compared it to the 1960s and 1970s and the impact music and radio had on society at that time.

Enjoy the video.  It is well worth watching.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t70S0jHSjEg&w=560&h=315]

What are your thoughts on Neil’s comments? I would love to read your comments below.

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