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Uncle Neil and Friends Annual Toy Drive

Every year since 2005 Uncle Neil has got together with his friends to put on an annual Christmas concert. However, this concert is unlike others. The main focus is not the outstanding musicianship. It is the work that takes place throughout the year. The collection of toys which started off as many a few hundred has now accumulated to over 100,000+ toys.

Uncle Neil has been spreading the gospel of “So Little Can Do So Much, For So Many” for the past 12 years.

As we end 2016 I thought I would share some photos we took from this past year’s event.

See more photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/SHsNECw5G8yUn6rcA




Toronto is Awesome: Reason #14 – Toy Mountain Show

Toy Mountain
Toy Mountain

This article was updated on Dec 1 2014.

This is my 14th submission in the Toronto Is Awesome series. I would love your comments, thoughts and future suggestions for this series.

Every year, since before time began, Uncle Neil and his friends have been putting on a concert to raise money and toys for children during Christmas. Tomorrow, Sunday December 8th, is their next event.

Last year I met Neil and had the chance to go to the Toy Mountain Concert. I was floored. There was toys (thousands of them) all over the place. From the floor to the ceiling. All over the place. And the place was packed with people of all ages. Especially children.

Neil and his friends are truly one of those groups of people that make Toronto Awesome!

Hope to see you at the concert on Dec 14 2014. Click on THIS LINK for details.