Scarborough Bluffs Erosion

Doris McCarthy Trail | Scarborough

I walked down the Doris McCarthy Trail this afternoon with some friends. When we reached Lake Ontario we headed west along the shore. We came upon the results of one of our more recent rain storms. As many of you know the Bluffs have always been eroding. However, I have never seen a part of the cliffs that have recently broken off. Until today.

Scarborough Bluffs

While it looks like hard rock it is in fact a clay like substance that is densely packed.



Sylvan Park in Scarborough

Sylvan Park | Scarborough

Sylvan Park is not one of the largest parks in Toronto. But the view of Lake Ontario and the Scarborough Bluffs is outstanding. It’s also a great place to go with your dog for a walk. Here are some photos of my recent visit.

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