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Episode #36: Saul Colt – The Smartest Man In The World

Saul Colt is The Smartest Man In The world. Just ask Google. In this exclusive chat we discussed how Saul went from sideburns to a full beard, how the Pope crashed his bar mitzvah, why Pokemon Go will fail, Ghostbusters and, for some reason, my toes.

Music by Afraaz Mulji.

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5 sessions I’m excited about – #PCTO14

PodCamp Toronto 2014
PodCamp Toronto 2014

This year I’ll be attending PodCamp Toronto again. However, I won’t be presenting as in year’s past. This time I’m on the organizing committee. I’m also excited to be attending a number of the sessions. Here are my top 5 sessions I’m most excited about:

  1. How We ruined Radio and the Internet – hosted by the dynamic duo Humble and Fred. These former Toronto DJ’s now have one of the most listened to podcasts in Canada as well as a show on Sirius Radio.
  2. Blogging Across Canada – Katharine Stanbridge rode her bike across Canada in the summer of 2013. Every night she wrote a blog post. I’m very excited to listen to her experiences!
  3. My Name is Barbara – Saul Colt will be at his usual best (read entertaining and informative) in this session from one of the world’s best word of mouth marketers.
  4. Working Justin Trudeau’s Digital Campaign: A Case Study – In what could be a glimpse into how the next prime minister of Canada used digital.
  5. Podcasting 101 – Mike Boon has one of the most popular blogs in Toronto and is a local pioneer in podcasting. Learn how he has helped others get started and what he’s doing on his own show.

Hope to see you there! If you have not registered do so NOW!

#FollowFriday: Head of Magic – Saul Colt

I won’t pretend to speak for Saul but I’ve considered him a good friend and mentor since before rocks were soft. Or 2009.

I was first introduced to Saul via a blog post by another good friend, Sameer Vasta. Sameer wrote a post about job titles in 2008 which referred to Saul’s title, Head of Magic. I was intrigued. Who has the audacity to insist on a title (especially with his employer at the time: FreshBooks) like that? Saul!

When he began working at Zoocasa, I was in the same industry. So I took it upon myself to grab a drink/lunch with him whenever I could. And guess what? Saul gave me his time. He didn’t ask for anything in return except to introduce him to cute women and never c@#k block him.

For those that don’t know Saul check him out. He is a word of mouth marketing genius who transcends technology and trends to focus on results.

social media strategy

For his friendship, time and wisdom, Saul is my #FollowFriday for this week.