Welcome! Episode #3: Laurie Dillon Schalk

laurie dillon schalk

My latest guest on the Welcome! podcast is Laurie Dillon-Schalk of Evidently.

A lover of digital and coffee.  Asker of good questions.  Sleuth of business problems. Identifier of emerging trends, consumer insights, impacts of digital upon consumer behaviours. Laurie Dillon Schalk is my guest in the Welcome! studio.

In this episode, Laurie and I chat about:

  1. How she earned her MBA.
  2. Her amazing 7 years at IBM
  3. What she did at Great Gulf Homes
  4. How Laurie started Social Wisdom in 2009 during the height of the last great recession
  5. How she landed the job at WestJet as Director of Digital Strategy
  6. Her time at JWT as Director of Digital Strategy
  7. Working with the iconic OREO brand at FCB Global in Toronto
  8. And finally ending up at Evidently where Laurie is currently the Head of Planning
  9. We also chatted about the future of the traditional agency model
  10. Traditional media’s relationship with Facebook
  11. Why Laurie changed her name on Facebook
  12. Her thoughts on gender issues in the workplace
  13.  And, finally, what her FAVOURITE song is!


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Introduction Music by my cousin Afraaz Mulji

Welcome! Episode #2: Mark Farmer

welcome podcast

Mark Farmer is a pioneer in digital strategy, a prognosticator & expert rapini chef.

Mark has worked in digital and social media since graduating school from Canada’s East Coast. He has worked for companies such as  Earth Day Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, Intuit Canada and now York University. We also both teach in the social media marketing certificate program at George Brown college in Toronto.

Listen to this interview with one of Canada’s most revered digital professionals as we talk about trends – both past and current. We also touch on the political debate surrounding and environmentalism.

You can listen to the show here:


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Diversity in Toronto

Diversity in Toronto | karim kanji

Last week Amber Gero was the guest on the Toronto Mike’d podcast. In my opinion, Toronto Mike (real name Mike Boon – or is it?!) has the top amateur podcast in Toronto. And I use the term amateur to only state that Mike records his podcast from his home and not from a studio. And I’ve also yet to hear a sponsor being mentioned on the show.

Traditionally, one can hear Toronto-centric celebrities on Mike’s show: Mike Hebscher, Humble and Fred, Damain Cox, Elliotte Friedman, and David Marsden to name a few. The conversations are mostly around Toronto Radio and Sports history. It’s like a walk down memory lane from Gen X-ers. I always look forward to Mike’s show and have rarely walked away disappointed. Of the 100+ shows he’s recorded I can only remember Cox and Barb DiGiulio as guests who seemed too guarded.

The Amber Gero show, in my opinion, took Mike’s podcast to a whole new level. If you’re unaware, Amber Gero was fired last year from CFRB in Toronto. She self identifies as a black woman. She also had a few things to get off her chest:


Here are a few reasons why the Amber Gero show is important:

  1. Mike has always been a gracious host. He understands that his guests trust him when they come to his home to be interviewed in the basement studio. Can you imagine if Mike dug up “dirt” on all his guests and asked unfair or even fair but inappropriate questions? Nobody would come back. I remember Mike’s interview with Mike Wilner. Mike was totally respectful of his guest even though he knew that many people dislike Mike Wilner’s personality on the Jays Talk show. Mike’s desire to have entertaining conversations is commendable. Having Amber Gero on the show put not just Amber in the crosshairs of potential employers in radio but it also put Mike’s show in the radar of radio executives (and others) across Toronto. This is the first time I can remember Mike publishing a show that could potentially decrease the amount of talent available for his show. I hope I’m wrong.
  2. Although the large majority of Mike’s guests are entertaining, they are mostly men. White men. And Mike actually acknowledged this fact. It was both honest and eye opening. It was honest of Mike to question if he is also part of the problem that Amber talked about. Or if his guests are simply a reflection of the current state of Toronto radio. It’s a conversation I hope executives are having and will do something positive about.
  3. It is possible for independent content producers like Mike (and so many others) to not just produce content but to make a difference.

I hope we are challenging the status quo in Toronto. Toronto (and Canada) is home to immigrants. Everywhere we live, work and play there are people of different ethnic backgrounds, people from different parts of the world and people of different faiths and sexual orientations. We need to embrace this beautiful fact. We need to force the institutions that serve us (government, media, public companies and others) to not just provide products and services we desire but to be a reflection of the society in which they all operate.

Congrats Mike on an awesome show. I am a proud listener and supporter.

Welcome! now on Girth Radio

Finally. Our new show is finally up on Girth!

After some tense negotiating…Just kidding! Girth is made up up some great people. Especially Carson, Jay and Sammy.

You can visit my show page here. My first episode was with Karim Awad. An all-around great guy. Hope you enjoy!

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