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International Boundaries

This past weekend I found myself in Toronto’s Cadillac Lounge to join my friend (and former rock star!), Gregg Tilston, and watch an 80’s retro cover band The Bomb.¬† It turned out to be a reunion of sorts!

Back in the mid to late 80’s a new wave rock band was taking over Oshawa. Known as International Boundaries, the band featured¬†Shaun Gillespie, Jeff Teravainen, Jamie Pugh, and everyone’s favourite keyboardist, Gregg Tilston.

Well, they were all in attendance watching as Shaun (bassist) was playing with The Bomb.

Here’s the before and after photo:

international boundaries

Here they were in their heyday:

Let’s hope they do a reunion soon!


Barenaked Ladies tackle social media in latest single and viral video

Scarborough’s favourite adopted sons are back at it again with “Did I Say That Out Loud?” The band that first gained prominence with “If I had a $1,000,000” recently released their newest single which was subsequently backed with a video.

At posting, this video currently has 1,010,579 views. Hope you enjoy.