Hiking in Morningside Park

This past weekend we spent a couple of hours hiking in Morningside Park in Scarborough.

Morningside Park

We went to see if we could spot the salmon who return every fall to spawn. We didn’t see any. But we did see blue jays, ducks, minnows and even a heron.

Skating in Morningside Park

Ice Rink | Morningside Park | Toronto | Karim Kanji

Michael Gauthier must have been proud. This past weekend the natural ice rink that Professor Gauthier and his environmental science students built (with the help of volunteers, community members and Home Depot, among others) finally officially opened.

We first came across Gauthier and his rink in the fall during one of our weekend city hikes.

Here’s a great write up of the birth of this 100% community initiative.

And here’s some photos from this weekend’s skating festivities. Can you tell it was the coldest weekend of the year?