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Welcome #44: George Smitherman

Last episode I chatted with Scarborough area MP Salma Zahid. In that enlightening conversation one of the things we learned about Salma was that her political mentor is George Smitherman.

Today, we talk with the one-time Toronto mayoral candidate, former Liberal MPP and Ontario’s first openly gay MPP and Ontario cabinet minister, George Smitherman.

Here’s my conversation with George Smitherman.

Music by Aafraz Mulji.

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I met Olivia Chow…just inside Scarborough

On Sunday I spent the afternoon like many Torontonians did: at a barbeque. However, this particular barbeque was interesting. Toronto Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow was the guest of honour. My friend (who also happens to be the dad of two of my other friends – META!) was hosting an afternoon barbeque in support of Madam Chow.

She was dressed in a simple, yet elegant, yellow summer dress. She didn’t talk too long but did promise to bring respect and vision to City Hall. What struck me most was that Madam Chow didn’t speak like a populist. She didn’t promise to spend money nor stop spending money. She actually talked about building a city where people could get to work on time; a city that was clean and where the air was breathable; a city that cared for it’s young and elderly; a city that we could be proud to call home no matter if we lived in north Etobicoke or near the bluffs in Scarborough.

Olivia Chow
Olivia Chow

And, I think, that’s the type of city and leader Torontonians want: a city builder. I don’t want someone to cut services. I don’t want a Mayor who feels they need to fight to get things done. I want a Mayor who wants to build a city: a place where we can be safe to live, work and play.

Olivia Chow takes a selfie!
Olivia Chow takes a selfie!