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My itbusiness.ca articles in 2014

I continued to write for ITBusiness in 2014. My latest article focused on the future of marketing and the wearables industry.

I also wrote in early 2014 about the 9 Canadians in the digital space to watch in 2014. This specific article was rated the 5th most popular article in all of 2014 on ITBUSINESS.

I also wrote a follow-up piece later in the year to see how these 9 people were doing. How do you think they did in2014?

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and also, of course, for reading my submissions on ITBUSINESS in 2014. Here’s to another great year in 2015!

GestureLogic – a new wearable company from Ottawa: my latest from itbusiness

LEO from GestureLogic
LEO from GestureLogic

I had a chance to meet the founding team of GestureLogic in late May at a We Are Wearables event at MaRS in Toronto. They are a fantastic team from Ottawa (not just a place for public employees it seems!) that is looking to change the way people exercise. They’re new product is called LEO. And very soon they will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign.

Keep your eyes peeled here to stay up to date on their fundraising campaign.

To read my interview with the founder of GestureLogic and the inspiration behind LEO click here.

How to be a successful app developer: my latest itbusiness article

mobile apps
mobile apps


What makes a successful app developer? This is a question that many hundreds (if not thousands) of Canadians are asking themselves. Why? The barrier to create these apps has never been lower and the industry is becoming flooded with talent. In downtown Toronto, one is but a stone’s throw away from successful app development shops.

In my recent conversation with Robleh Jama of Tiny Hearts (<- click that link for the full article) we talked about what makes an app successful and what steps he takes to try to make it.

Digital Disruption: My latest on itbusiness.ca

Sport Check's flagship store
Sport Chek’s flagship store

Earlier this week my latest article for itbusiness.ca was published.

Earlier in the month I had the opportunity to represent Catalyst and attend the Dx3Canada conference and trade show in Toronto. One of the biggest trends that everyone seemed to be talking about and discussing was the role of technology and digital in the retail space. This was highlighted by the Retail Collective space and the keynote by Duncan Fulton.

I invite you to read my full article on digital disruption in the retail space and even leave a comment! Thanks.

My latest on itbusiness.ca – 9 Canadians to watch in 2014


Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 be everything you want it to be and more in 2014.

Earlier on Thursday, itbusiness.ca published my latest article. In it I highlight who I think will be the top Canadians to watch in 2014. And not just any Canadians. but those who, I believe, will be making a big impact in 2014 and beyond in digital technology.

I hope you enjoy the article which you can read HERE.

my blogging adventure continues

For those of you who have been following me for the past few years or more you will know that a big part of my journey in social media and content marketing started when I was a contributor and Toronto Community Manager with Techvibes. It was a fun time in 2009/2010. I learned a lot and met a ton of great people.

Well, that journey continues with itbusiness.ca. for the past year, I have been sending contributions to Canada’s technology and business publication. Recently, I was formally invited to participate as a contributor. Some of you may have even seen me re-post some of my articles here.

The focus of my submissions to itbusiness.ca will be the business implications of social media. So if you have any questions that you have or larger themes you would like me to cover feel free to ask me on my Twitter account.

In the meantime, I’m still actively building thirdocean into Canada’s premier social media agency.

itbusiness – The ever-changing social media landscape

Social media is all over the news these days. Whether we’re talking about startups and tools, brands, issues such as privacy and security or how big brands and events are using social media, we can expect to hear something new or interesting every day. Just consider some of these examples:


Last month we were introduced to Vine. Twitter purchased Vine last year which is a six-second looping video creation tool and consumption platform. It’s all the rage right now. But what will be the shiny new object we all flock to next week?


One of the most popular international brands using social media (and integrated media) these days is Red Bull. Its culture of “pushing the limits of human endeavour and experience” makes for great content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Privacy and security

Privacy has taken a back seat in the social media discourse these days. That’s only because the hacking and unauthorized use of Twitter accounts of Jeep, Burger King, HMV and the City of Vaughan, Ont. has brought the issue of security to the forefront.


Recent events such as the 2013 U.S. Presidential Inauguration, the 2013 Super Bowl and Beyonce half time show, the Grammys, and Oscars have all heavily used social media tools and tactics to amplify the conversation and experience.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be highlighting specific social media trends and case studies. I encourage you to participate in this column by reaching out to me on Twitter @karimkanji and also by including the hashtag #ITBSocial.

The preceding article was first published on the new itbusiness.ca website.

Have the Webby’s Sold Out?

The following video was previously published on itbusiness.ca. I have received permission to re-post it here.

The Webby award winners were announced today. But do they really reflect the best content the Internet has to offer?

[brightcove vid=1615943950001&exp3=96976228001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1815854478&pk=AQ~~,AAAAAGw7vY4~,MT1x6TzuB4-6gtolhFTaM4bruMSIwgr6&w=300&h=225]