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5 Canadians to watch in digital technology in 2016

At the beginning of this year I wrote a piece for itbusiness.ca titled, 5 Canadians to watch in digital technology in 2016.

2015 was a very eventful year in Canada. We saw Justin Trudeau’s Liberals topple the Harper Conservatives decade long grip on power in this country. When it came to technology, we continued to see Uber battle local governments and the established taxi industry; marketers giggled with excitement as Facebook opened up the ability for all businesses to advertise on Instagram; Periscope made Twitter cool again (but for how long?); Netflix continued to grow; and Taylor Swift shamed Apple Music into paying artists a fair wage.

What will 2016 bring to the table here in Canada? Who will the movers and shakers be in technology here? Time will tell, however, here are five Canadians worthy of your attention in 2016.

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Year in Review: ITbusiness.ca

I really enjoy contributing to ITbusiness.ca. I have been doing so for a number of years and 2015 was no exception. I wrote 5 pieces this past year.

The first one ended up being the most popular post of all of 2015. Here is a list of the articles. If you have not read them, I encourage you to do so. And even if you have, this is as good a time as any to review them. I hope you enjoy!

Brands and U2 take to Periscope (and Meerkat) to reach fans and customers

Canadian smartphone use on the rise; but apps in decline: Report

What the recent announcements at F8 mean for advertisers

Twitter showcases best in class during Advertising Week Canada

5 Canadians to watch in 2015


The most popular post on itbusiness.ca

Wow. That was unexpected. Early in 2015 I submitted an article to itbusiness.ca called, “5 Canadians to Watch in 2015“. Little did I know that it would end up being the most popular post of the year.

I profiled Alkarim Nasser, Salim Teja, Deborah Hall, Duncan Fulton, and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Who should we watch in 2016? I’m not sure yet. But stay tuned!!

Twitter at Advertising Week Canada

Last week, Toronto played host to Advertising Week Canada. I wrote an article for itbusiness.

All last week, the Canadian marketing and advertising world was busy showcasing the most popular campaigns and innovations at FFWD 2015, or Advertising and Marketing Week in Toronto.

Twitter Canada played host to a session titled, “140 Characters and Beyond: Exploring The Power of a Tweet.”

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My latest on itbusiness.ca: 5 Canadians to watch in digital in 2015

The beginning of any year (the calendar year, lunar year, school year, fiscal year, etc) usually brings with it its fair share of lists and predictions. Last year I wrote about the top 9 Canadians in digital technology to keep your eye on for 2014. I followed that up with a mid-year look at these same people.

This year, I’m planning to do the same thing. I’ve started things off with who I think are the top Canadians to watch in digital technology for this year. Thanks to Brian and Candice for continuing to allow me to contribute on Canada’s best business and technology site. If you’d like to read up on all my itbusiness submissions visit my itbusiness profile here.

My itbusiness.ca articles in 2014

I continued to write for ITBusiness in 2014. My latest article focused on the future of marketing and the wearables industry.

I also wrote in early 2014 about the 9 Canadians in the digital space to watch in 2014. This specific article was rated the 5th most popular article in all of 2014 on ITBUSINESS.

I also wrote a follow-up piece later in the year to see how these 9 people were doing. How do you think they did in2014?

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and also, of course, for reading my submissions on ITBUSINESS in 2014. Here’s to another great year in 2015!

GestureLogic – a new wearable company from Ottawa: my latest from itbusiness

LEO from GestureLogic
LEO from GestureLogic

I had a chance to meet the founding team of GestureLogic in late May at a We Are Wearables event at MaRS in Toronto. They are a fantastic team from Ottawa (not just a place for public employees it seems!) that is looking to change the way people exercise. They’re new product is called LEO. And very soon they will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign.

Keep your eyes peeled here to stay up to date on their fundraising campaign.

To read my interview with the founder of GestureLogic and the inspiration behind LEO click here.