Street Art: Graffiti Alley St Catherines

st catherines - graffiti - street art

Our visits of “small town” Ontario continued to St. Catherines, Ontario.

The official nickname of St. Catharines is “The Garden City” due to its 1,000+ acres of parks, gardens and trails.

As a way to erase St. Catharines’ graffiti problem, local businesses Fulton Fitness and Mahtay Café teamed up to showcase the work of dozens of graffiti artists from across the province. The alleyway in between James Street and the parallel Garden Park is now a dedicated area for serious artists to spend days straight on their pieces without having to worry about policing. Every year since 2003 there has been a convergence of artists during the Garden Park Urban Art Festival Graffiti Jam where artists are encouraged to let their creative flair free. (source)


Street Art: Underpass Park – Toronto

underpass park | toronto

If you live in Toronto you know by now that Underpass Park was created in 2012 under a highway overpass at Eastern Avenue just west of the Don Valley Parkway. The park features basketball nets, a playground, and a skateboard park.

There is also a massive graffiti installation that will stop you in your tracks. If you’re not in a hurry.

Street Art: London

London, Ontario | Street Art

Many urban cities across Canada and around the world feature street art of one kind or another.

London is one of these cities. Located a couple of hours in between Toronto and Detroit, London is a city that is “stuck in the middle.” Recently, while in London, I had the opportunity to walk around the city that is home to the University of Western Ontario and the London Knights.

Here are some photos of the amazing street art found in London, Ontario.

Street Art: Hamilton

Street art Hamilton

Many urban cities across Canada and around the world feature street art of one kind or another.

In my first of this series: “Street Art: City” I present Hamilton, ON. Hamilton was known as Steel Town at point in time. At other times it has been known as the armpit of Canada. Today, Hamilton is known as the home of a world class university, hundreds of water falls, beautiful hiking and of being an affordable place to live not so far from Toronto.