Elena V. Wolfe

karim kanji with elena v wolfe

Currently a star in the hit Nikelodeon show, Star Falls, Elena V. Wolfe was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and fell in love with acting at a very young age while watching her favourite shows on television. Her first introduction to performing came in the form of a high school musical when she was cast to play one of the evil step sisters Lucinda in Into the Woods.

Her acting would take a backseat however when she received a scholarship to play varsity tennis at the University of Virginia.

It wasn’t until after graduating college that her acting career would resurface when she landed her first role in the American crime drama television series The Bridge on FX. Shortly after, Elena joined the cast of the hit sci-fi television series Defiance on Syfy and Space. Other credits to her name include Flashpoint (CTV), The Firm (NBC), Degrassi Takes Manhattan and Filthy Cities.

This is episode #134  of the Welcome! podcast.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • What does the “V” stand for in Elena’s name?
  • How Elena got her start in acting.
  • Attending the University of Virginia on a tennis scholarship.
  • Some of the world’s famous women and men Elena has watched play and played against.
  • Elena’s thoughts on players “grunting” when hitting shots in tennis.
  • Her previous modeling career.
  • Why Elena studied law in grad school and how that’s helping her career today.
  • Her initial and continuing attempt at writing a book.
  • Why she left her career in tennis.
  • Moving back to the Greater Toronto Area

Listen below:

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Music by Afraaz Mulji.

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You can also subscribe to the podcast via RSS Feed if you’re so inclined.

Help me get on the air with Humble and Fred

humble and fred radio

I love Canadian shows. Mostly of the “radio” kind.  I’ve been to see Jian Ghomeshi and listen to a bunch of CBC podcasts such as WireTap. I also am a fan of “independent” podcasts such as Drunk Jays Fans and Humble & Fred Radio.

I’ve never met these icons of Canadian radio. I never listened much to CFNY/The Edge back in the day when they were on. And I was late finding them on the podcast airwaves. But I am a big fan. They are an intelligent duo who also know how to have fun and let their hair down. And their style is perfect for the word of podcasting.

And now I’ve been invited to be a guest “observer” during their show on Friday June 7th. Will I be an actual, on-the-air guest? It’s all up to Howard (aka Humble) and Fred.

Maybe you can help me make their decision an easy one. I would love it if you could take a moment out of your busy schedule to tweet the following:

Hey @HumbleFredRadio! We’re excited that @karimkanji is going to be visiting you on 6/7. Let him on the air! #KarimOnTheAir

That’s all. If you want to use HootSuite or Buffer to schedule the tweet from today until the 7th, that would be swell!

Thanks everyone!

Does Vine have it’s first Vine-Superstar?

I say yes. And his name is Adam Goldberg.

Many of you might know Adam from movies such as Saving Private Ryan and A Beautiful Mind.  Adam also happens to be an accomplished musician, designer and director.

And now, he’s using Vine as a creative outlet and to showcase his creative talents. (If you’re curious about Vine check out the blog post I wrote on my company website.)

Which is a good thing. He’s not making videos of cookies being eaten or cats playing with dogs. Not that I have anything against dogs. It’s those darn cats I can’t stand…

And Adam will not be alone for much longer. The Vine platform and format is simple to use. For anyone.

All you need is 6 seconds. A 6 second movie. About anything you want. Think about it. How many people wish they could create a viral video on YouTube? Many. But it’s not really the viral video people are interested in making unless they use the platform for business – “Hey Karim, can you make me a viral video?”

People are interested in the creativity of these videos. However, the masses have been stopped as a result of a continuous raising of the bar. With Vine, the barrier to entry is fixed. And it’s low. Only 6 seconds. Imagine what you can come up with in 6 seconds. Now all you have to do is grab your smartphone* and away you go.

What will you create in 6 seconds?

* = currently Vine is only on the iOS platform. 

New podcast in my ears

humble and fred radio

Many of you know I love listening to podcasts. Almost everyday I’m commuting 2-3 hours per day. So I spend most of this time listening to podcasts such as This American Life, Wiretap, This Week in Startups, and even the UFC ESPN Podcast.

Last week I discovered another podcast: Humble and Fred Radio.  I wasn’t a big listener of theirs when they where on the radio here in Toronto. However, these guys are gold. They are funny and raw. Besides their random musings they also have amazing interviews. Recently they had Toronto Blue Jays long time announcer Jerry Howarth on.  This was one of the best interviews I have ever heard.

Great job guys! And congrats on your new deal with Corus.

What podcasts do you consider required listening and why?