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Welcome! Episode #12: Laura Casselman

Episode #12 features my friend, Laura Casselman. She’s running as the NDP candidate in Scarborough Guildwood. Listen to how she got her start in local politics and her reason for running in this month’s election.


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We met @JohnToryTO…

So this happened yesterday (sort of):


“What happened?” you might be asking. Well, that’s my family in the cover image of the Twitter page of Toronto’s future mayor, John Tory. From left to right is my nephew Omar, niece Iman, Kahzmir (DS8) and my beautiful wife Minaz. Oh yeah, and beside her is Tory. 🙂

It’s kinda funny that they are on Tory’s page. Not that we don’t like him. He’s probably the most likeable guy running to be our mayor this October. He’s also smart, a dedicated public servant, and been successful in almost everything he has done in business.

Why is it funny? We probably would not have even thought of voting for Tory if he was running for the PC Party of Ontario. But as a mayoral candidate for the city of Toronto? Sure, why not?

The photo above and the one’s below were taken at the Taste of Lawrence Festival a few weeks ago in Scarborough.

@JohnToryTO with @karimkanji
@JohnToryTO with @karimkanji

And here’s the obligatory selfie….

@karimkanji and @JohnToryTO
@karimkanji and @JohnToryTO

I met Olivia Chow…just inside Scarborough

On Sunday I spent the afternoon like many Torontonians did: at a barbeque. However, this particular barbeque was interesting. Toronto Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow was the guest of honour. My friend (who also happens to be the dad of two of my other friends – META!) was hosting an afternoon barbeque in support of Madam Chow.

She was dressed in a simple, yet elegant, yellow summer dress. She didn’t talk too long but did promise to bring respect and vision to City Hall. What struck me most was that Madam Chow didn’t speak like a populist. She didn’t promise to spend money nor stop spending money. She actually talked about building a city where people could get to work on time; a city that was clean and where the air was breathable; a city that cared for it’s young and elderly; a city that we could be proud to call home no matter if we lived in north Etobicoke or near the bluffs in Scarborough.

Olivia Chow
Olivia Chow

And, I think, that’s the type of city and leader Torontonians want: a city builder. I don’t want someone to cut services. I don’t want a Mayor who feels they need to fight to get things done. I want a Mayor who wants to build a city: a place where we can be safe to live, work and play.

Olivia Chow takes a selfie!
Olivia Chow takes a selfie!