Stuff in Real Estate that has happened during the month of November.

I think there is a Condo FRENZY happening. And not just in Toronto. Check out Linda Leatherdale’s latest column…Also, Re/Max has weighed in with their 2 cents worth on the whole subject of Canadian condos. But the $2,000 question of the day/week/month/year is…Did YOU line up for yourself or for a realtor friend? Check out the latest on how crazy Torontonians are for Condos! The sky is falling! But is seems everything is back to normal in Vancouver. Whatever normal is…

Scotiabank is not my favourite bank. But I’ll tell you this: Their stock is like gold and now you can buy Mexican real estate through them. Go figure! I guess Royal is not the first in something.

Here’s a brief update on what’s happening around Canada:

Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria,

Hey Realtors! Remember the GST? Here’s some info on its impact on the Housing market: Now, if you live in Toronto where the Millerites increased taxes these may not apply…Here’s an interesting Toronto Star article. More info on GST.

Real Estate Bust? Maybe….Maybe not.

Walked through the Eaton’s Centre last night after catching a live taping of The Hour. Seems like I’m not the only one shopping at Eaton’s these days…

Hey! Remember Garth Turner. The real estate and market guru turned Politician? Here’s his take on real estate et al. Another article from Garth I stumbled upon.

Want to Retire? Better pray the Indian Real Estate industry stays….hot and spicey! Serious! Read HERE. Speaking of retirement, it seems the Canadian boomers are not scared of their American cousins. Good on ’em!

Okay! That’s enough for today! Have an XS Energy Drink on me this weekend. It’s my birthday!


Karim Kanji