Real Estate Stuff…Things You Knew and Maybe Some Stuff You Didn’t

Interesting title, isn’t it? I thought so!

Well, well, well! The real estate market seems to be chugging along quite nicely these days! All over Canada in fact. Makes you wish you invested? You already did? Good! Cause I didn’t. Yeah, I’m kicking myself over that one too! Ever heard of Google? Nevermind…..

For you reading pleasure I present to you…..

The Toronto market is booming, booming, booming! Tony Wong, from the Toronto Star (you like the new little size?) has the numbers and analysis. Did someone say cooldown?!?! May 2007 was the biggest month since sliced bread was invented!

But did you know which Canadian City has the strongest resale market? Calgary? Cow’s gone home there! Edmonton? Are they still the City of Champions? Vancouver or Victoria? Left Coast has been left out! Toronto? The Big Smoke ain’t smoking much! If you guess Saskatoon, you’re on drugs. But you are correct! Saskatoon! Amazing! Don’t believe me? Take a READ HERE.

Mike Smith has an interesting blog titled He has an interesting link and discussion entitled, “Where is the aging population going to live?” If you just purchased a new home, maybe my folks can stay at your place? LOL!

I’m telling you, you real estate folks are confused! The Ottawa Citizen (yeah, I know no one actually lives in Ottawa) is reporting that the Aging Society is Cooling the Housing Market! Well, not in Canada! At least not now! Want to stop being confused? Stop reading the newspaper and start reading and promoting this BLOG!!!! Okay, now on with the news….

Have you noticed something? Real Estate comapnies are saying that the housing market has never been hotter! However, banks are saying there is a cooling off effect happening! Whose zooming who? Here is a report on Royal LePage’s latest 2007 survey.

Now, I’m going to go get a coffee!

Karim Kanji