Real Estate Stuff and More….

So, Mayor David Miller is saying that Toronto must pay. For what?!?!?! This guy drives me nuts!

Royal LePage is stating that Canada’s housing market will continue to be strong. I wonder if this was before Mayor Miller imposed new real estate taxes. did I tell you that this guy drives me nuts!

Canadian’s appetite for real estate confounds experts. Do you wanna know why? Because who would want to buy real estate when your Mayor willtax the crap out of you?!?!?!?

Anyways, here’s a nice little piece about how to invest in real estate profitably.
(I hope that Mayor Miller doesn’t read this!)

Ever heard of Riverdale? It’s a nice little part of Toronto. Too bad I may not be moving there. Wanna know why? Read the article!

Hear about Martha Stewart selling her house? She sold it…for 26% BELOW asking price! Man, I missed out on that deal!

Many of you have been asking me about my thoughts on the Calgary Real Estate Market. HERE is an excellent PODCAST on Truths and Myths!

BANG! No, that wasn’t the sound of the car smacking into my house yesterday morning. That was the sound of the Summer Market beginning with a BANG!

Golf courses do take a lot of space, ie Real Estate. That’s why I decided to include the follwing article about Clublink.

Richmond Hill is driving real estate. So says York Region. And HERE’s the article to prove it. Brampton is also doing pretty good.