Real Estate News for Monday December 4th 2006:

Hey folks!

I’ve always wondered what role politics plays in Real Estate. Do you think the election of a new Liberal Leader will have an effect on our industry? Let us know if you have any thoughts.

Here is an interesting article:

The “O.J. Simpson” close. I’m not kidding…

Today, more and more real estate agents and other self-employed entreprenuers are looking to stay as healthy as possible. Here is an interesting article to help all of you. Maybe it can be a part of your New Year’s Resolution!

Mortgage Brokers NOW need a Licence (you mean to tell me that they didn’t before?!)

Carriage Trade Luxury Properties Report released by our pals at Royal LePage Real Estate Services.

Norm Edelmann is selling his 5 investment properties online – Does this mean Real Estate agents are going the way of the dinosaur?

U.S. construction continues to PLUNGE!

A Lean Green Athletic Machine for Living.