Real Estate Food for Thought.

Curtis Rush of the Toronto Star is reporting that resale housing activity is slowing down across the Greater Toronto Area.

John Pasalis (a Prudential agent in Toronto) also provied a copy of the Toronto Real Estate Board’s press release.

Read Garth Turner’s article entitled, Condo Crack.

Is there any good news to be found? Well, Re/Max offers the following food for thought. Seems that longer ammortization periods and other lending and housing alternatives are keeping this ‘soft market’ afloat.

I would be really interested to know what US Realtors have to say about their housing slump and if they see Canada heading the same way with the advent of 40 and 50 yr ammortizations. Thoughts anyone????

Hamid Azizi of HomeLife Arianna has developed a new site that he hopes will become the “Google” of real estate. Check it out at

Buyer soaked with vendor’s final water bill. You’re kidding?!?! Bob Aaron reports.

And the final word goes to Stan Albert – manager with Re/Max in Woodbridge, ON.

So, some good news sprinkled with bad news. Or is it the other way around? And is change really a bad thing?

Karim Kanji