Real Estate Blog, Re/Max Report, and more!

I recently came across a real estate blog which some of you may find interesting. It’s called Ken’s Blog. Ken has written some very interesting articles. He also highlights some of the things they are doing at his office and at the local Board. I encourage you to check it out!

Then there is all this ‘news’ about the growth in the Toronto market over the past 25 years. 290%!! Wow! Wow! Wow! To view the Re/Max Canadian report click HERE. It’s a very interesting report and will no doubt fuel even more real estate activity. Hmmmm….Re/Max fuelling more activity as mortgage rates climb (although slowly), layoffs at major corporations start to happen, and also while companies start to fall short of market expectations. Interesting to say the least.

For a quick coast-to-coast take on this article go HERE.

To read the Toronto Star’s take on the report click HERE.

The Globe and Mail also has an article on the report. You can find it HERE. There is also some very interesting commentary on the report from readers across Canada. Check it out HERE., Canada News Wire, and also reported on Re/Max’s findings.

Now what would you say if I told you that someone once told me that what goes up usually come down? I’m just the messenger. But check out THIS REPORT about a ‘downturn’ in resale prices.

Ever wonder why you get confused about owning a home and the masive debt/mortgage that keeps you up at night? Check THIS out.