Mortgages, mortgages, mortgages

Recently, “Mortgages” have been popping up in the news. Some are bad and some are good. For example, mortgage rates being low are good. However, mortgage fraud is bad. Very bad. What are your thoughts? How can consumers get the best deal? How can consumers protect themselves from such things as identity thefts and high broker costs?

Here is a smattering of mortgage news that might be of interest to you and your clients…

The Toronto Star’s Mortage Fraud investigation. This is a very extensive and intense investigation. This should be must reading for everyone in the mortgage and real estate business.

Globe and Mail had a report last week that focused on the feverish pace of borrowing. You can read that article HERE.

As more and more news and reports surface on the Canadian mortgage industry, be sure to check back to this blog. I am committed to helping you stay on top of the latest information on not just mortgages but the WHOLE real estate industry.

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